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About my friend Vasyl! And about other things…

Once upon a time in an enchanted country, or rather on an undiscovered planet, 329 years back in the future, lived a race of people. These people were strange and did not look at all like us. They were tall and majestic, like true giants, but their personalities were that of small children. Were it not for their impressive outward appearance, you would have thought that you were conversing with children who were just starting first grade.


On the path of friendship

People are born with a natural inclination to do good – so teach the canons of pedagogy, the science of nurturing that teach humans the eternal values of love and understanding. This natural inclination towards goodness, which was instilled in us by God, calls us to do many things which will define us as individuals. In some people these will be developed more, while in others the opposite will occur, and these will be diminished. But the seed of goodness has been planted in each and every person. And it calls to us.