The girl with the smile on her face

Фото друга: 
Ira Kushyk
We often underestimate people, misunderstand our friends, and are unsure of their insight or understanding. And yet, “God is wonderful in his Saints” (Ps 68:36). Sometimes He embraces you in His arms, and sometimes He puts into the mouth of others a plea for help… This happened during one of our community trips outside of the city. The larger group had broken up into smaller groups, and this smaller group was discussing all sorts of things: we talked about our families, the L’Arche workshops, our lives, this and that, anything that came to mind. Among those present was Ira, a core member from the Smiles workshop who had come to L’Arche a year and a half ago. When it was Ira’s turn to speak, she picked out a picture of a girl at home that she said reminded her of her life at home. She pointed out that the girl in the picture was crying because she was very sad. When she finished speaking, the assistants asked Ira to pick out a picture that symbolized what L’Arche meant to her. She immediately chose a picture of a “happy girl with a smile on her face” which symbolized friendship.