Olha Babiy: I thank God that I can be a part of L’Arche for a long time!

Фото друга: 
Olha Babiy


I come to L’Arche in order to be understood by others, and for me to understand others.

Sometimes it’s hard when there is no one around to talk to, to tell them that something hurts me.  But in L’Arche I can tell someone that something bothers me, and they listen.

It’s difficult to be around people who don’t understand you, or don’t even try to understand you.  In L’Arche I’ve learned to forgive others, and they forgive me.

I sometimes worry about where I’ll go after I finish school, what kind of people I will be with.  I loved being in school, but I love being at the workshop even more!  Here I feel like I’m at home.  I feel loved, and I love everyone!  I used to have very few friends, but now I have many, many friends.

It’s hard getting used to change, especially when our assistants are changed.  But I realize that this is the way it must be.

I would like to see many more volunteers join L’Arche and help us build a large and strong community!