Kelly (Canada)

Волонтер програми "Інтеркордія" в Канаді
I came to Ukraine with the Intercordia program to experience the culture of Lviv and to volunteer with the L'Arche workshop, Smiles. I did not know that I would be working at the Smiles workshop until my arrival, but I am very happy to be working with the core members who go there. After seeing all of the different workshops that L'Arche has for people with disabilities in the community I know that each one comes with their own sets of challenges and rewards. I think that it some ways the Smiles workshop may be more challenging that others, especially for me because I am not always able to communicate with the assistants or the core members who are more disabled than those at other workshops. The challenges, however, make the rewards that much greater. It is such a wonderful feeling when I am able to communicate with a core member, despite the language barrier, and the smiles, warmth and energy that the core members have is contagious. Even after a challenging day I usually leave the center with a smile on my face, and I am very thankful to be here among these wonderful people.